Mediterr J Rheumatol 2024;35(Suppl 1):20-6
The Effect of JAK Inhibitors on Patient-Reported Outcomes in Psoriatic Arthritis
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1Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Thessaly, University General Hospital of Larissa, Greece

2Section of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Perugia, Italy

SG Tsiogkas, C Perricone, DP Bogdanos


Objective: Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the joints and skin of patients with psoriasis. In this review we aimed to summarise the available evidence regarding the effect of Janus kinase inhibitors (JAKi) on patient-reported outcomes (PROs) when used for the management of PsA.  Methods: We utilised a narrative review approach as we searched the available literature for articles to be included in our study. Results: JAKi have been found to be effective in inducing better PRO responses compared to placebo. These findings have been consistent across various patient populations, including those with active PsA, those with an inadequate response to conventional therapies, and those with comorbidities. The evidence supporting the benefits of JAKi on PROs in PsA is compelling, demonstrating consistent improvements in pain, physical function, fatigue, and quality of life. Conclusion: Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of JAKi in improving PROs in patients with PsA.

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Article Submitted: 17 Dec 2023; Article Accepted: 18 Dec 2023; Available Online: 30 Mar 2024

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