Volume 34, Issue 3, September 2023

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Mediterr J Rheumatol 2023;34(2):266-8
Successful Use of Tofacitinib in Scleroderma Arthropathy
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Department of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Prakashini MV, D Maikap, P Padhan


Musculoskeletal manifestations of systemic sclerosis (SSc) are frequent and may be one of the early manifestations of the disease. However, arthralgia, pain and stiffness without frank arthritis usually constitute the clinical picture, while overlap syndromes such as rheumatoid-like polyarthritis can dominate when the arthritis is erosive. Hereby, we report a case of primary SSc presenting as frank erosive arthritis involving small and large joints mimicking rheumatoid arthritis, unresponsive to methotrexate, which was successfully treated with tofacitinib.

Cite this article as: Prakashini MV, Maikap D, Padhan P. Successful Use of Tofacitinib in Scleroderma Arthropathy. Mediterr J Rheumatol 2023;32(4):266-8.

Article Submitted: 17 Dec 2022; Revised Form: 07 Jan 2023; Article Accepted: 30 Jan 2023; Available Online: 30 Jun 2023


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